Another Successful Chapter launch by BNI Navi Mumbai

Another Successful Chapter launch by BNI Navi Mumbai.

BNI Navi Mumbai recently launched a new chapter named- BNI Nirman, specifically for the Construction and Infrastructure Industry

Navi Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India]: A successful networking group is all about its well-networked members and the business they are able to generate from this network. BNI Navi Mumbai is one such successful region that has not only fostered good members, network, but also have generated good business for its members, with versatile entrepreneurs joining hands with them. BNI Navi Mumbai does things differently, and on 4th October 2022, they have launched a new chapter named BNI NIRMAN. This chapter is launched exclusively for entrepreneurs from Construction and Infra Industry for gaining the BNI Navi Mumbai network advantage in growing their businesses further.

Navi Mumbai is a highly planned and developing city and is generating immense opportunities for the construction and infrastructure industry. New Airport and commercial development zones have increased the residing and commercial potential of this city. It is a gold mine of ongoing opportunities for the construction and Infrastructure businesses.

BNI Navi Mumbai is known to be one of the very successful networking groups and many SMEs have gained benefit by being a part of it. Every individual BNI Navi Mumbai member has their own share of BNI success stories. The region has a brew of experienced and new businesses, and together their energy during the meeting encourages business bonding, and results in success.

Mr. Pankaj Harwansh, Director, BNI Navi Mumbai said, “We would like to reach maximum number of construction and infrastructure entrepreneurs in and around Navi Mumbai, to join this chapter to experience the success, and definitely use the connections/contacts of the other members.”

So far, BNI Navi Mumbai has generated a total Rs.939,71,08,568 plus business for their members. Every member comes with their individual connections, which in turn is brought to the advantage of other members. Aiming business on each other’s contacts is a faster, efficient, and assured way of generating business.

Ms. Neeta Chavan, Director, Navi Mumbai said, “NIRMAN Chapter is a great opportunity for entrepreneurs from Construction and Infrastructure industry to come onboard and be a part of this successful journey.”


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