Bio-Agri 2021 conference resulted in two MoUs and couple of collaborations

Bio-Agri 2021 conference resulted in two MoUs and couple of collaborations

Hyderabad, October 29, 2021: India has well-defined policy and guidelines for biostimulants, while the European Union and the USA has not even defined them. India can be a good sourcing hub for Bio-Agri Inputs just like Software and ITe Services: Dr Venkatesh Devanur, Secretary, BIPA.        

The conference brought Bio Innovations for Regenerative Agriculture to the forefront. 

Bio-Agri 2021, India’s biggest ever Bio-Agri conference which is trying to make agriculture sustainable through bio innovations concluded here in the city today at Hotel Westin, Madhapur. 

The two-day conference saw 20 presentations, 5 technical sessions and 150 delegates participating from across India and abroad.

A first-ever conference is an annual event organised by India’s first Hyderabad based BIPA, Bio-Agri Input Producers Association. The theme of the conference was the theme of the conference is “Bio-Innovations for Regenerative Agriculture.”

The conference has resulted in two MoUs and couple of collaborations.  One MoU is between PJTSAU (The Professor Jayashankar Telangana State Agricultural University) and the other one is between the National Institute of Agricultural Extension Management(MANAGE) and BIPA.

The MoU between PJTSAU and BIPA for carrying out bio-efficacy trials and other studies is required for regulatory purposes. The MoU with MANAGE(National Institute of Agricultural Extension Management) is for active cooperation in promoting Startup enterprises in Bio-Agri,  training agri professionals and entrepreneurs stated Raj Agarwal, Executive Director of BIPA.  

These MoUs which were announced during the conference will be signed at the next opportune till very soon. 

National Institute of Agricultural Extension Management, known as MANAGE, formerly National Centre for Management of Agricultural Extension at Hyderabad, is an autonomous extension and agribusiness management institute located in Hyderabad. 

Speaking about Biological Crop Nutrients, Dr KRK Reddy, President of BIPA said the main purpose of gathering in this hall is to deliberate how to bring back life to the soil. How we can restore properties of soil.  

Speaking in a session on Microbials, Dr John Peter, Vice President of BIPA and Chairman of Varsha Bioscience & Technology Inda Pvt. Ltd said Hyderabad will be the hub for bio Agri inputs.

We as Bio-Agri Input Producers Association don’t oppose chemical fertilisers.  We are only here to promote bio-Agri inputs and reduce the usage of chemicals in agriculture, he said. 

Regenerative Biological Agriculture is the next big agribusiness opportunity, said Dr KRK Reddy, President of BIPA who is also MD of Sri BioAesthetics Pvt. Ltd.

Bringing back life to the soil is the primary objective, to begin with through microbiome optimization  Restoring and rebuilding soil organic matter, soil biological properties, biodiversity, improving carbon and water cycle are other essential components. 

Roger Tripathi, Founder, Chairman & CEO of Truly Global observed that we have been using too many chemicals.  Hyderabad is becoming a hub for bio-stimulants. 

Speaking in the last session on Regulatory and Business Opportunities, the moderator and Secretary of BIPA Dr Venkatesh Devanur said India has a positive regulatory environment. We have well-defined Policies and Guidelines to regulate the Rs 1500 crore market of biostimulants that assure farmers good yields, quality and other benefits. We developed countries in European Union do not have any such guidelines or regulations, The highly developed United States of America doesn’t even define what is ‘Biostimulants’. We have a gazetted notification said, Dr Venkatesh. India has well-defined Bio-Diversity law. Royalties are defined here. India has the first-mover advantage. It has cost arbitrage benefits. India can be a good sourcing hub for Bio-Agri Inputs.    

Bio Agri Inputs is a growing market opportunity. From the present US $ 3 billion to USD 6 Billion in the next 5 years.  

Dr Rattan Lal The 2020 World Food Prize Laureate, Dr Pam Marrone, Chairperson, Marrone Bio Innovations—USA; Mr Henri Oosthoek, MD of Koppert Biological Systems, The Netherlands; Dr Agenor Mafra-Neto, Chemical Ecology Researcher and others addressed virtually. 

The theme was discussed under the five broad-based sessions such as 01. Biological Crop Nutrition–Current Status and Way Forward; 02. Biological Crop Protection–Emerging Trends; Predators, Parasites and Pollinators for better Crop Protection; Pheromones/Semiochemicals for innovative Crop Protection and Regulatory, Industry-Academia Interface and Bio-Ag business opportunities.

It focused on the innovations, services, and delivery systems to use and implement to bring back life to the soils, biodiversity restoration which will lead to regenerative and sustainable agriculture.

The organisers announced that the 2nd edition of Bio-Agri 2022 will be held in Hyderabad on October 18 & 19,2022.  


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