Building B2B Tech Success: The Minds Behind HypeeView’s Rise

Building B2B Tech Success The Minds Behind HypeeView's Rise

A visionary duo’s journey of innovation and Impact to bring out remarkable possibilities that B2B tech can bring to life

Gurgaon, Haryana [India]: “In the fast-paced realm of business and technology, a standout presence requires a unique vision and a strong dedication,” remarks Megha Sharma, the pioneering force behind HypeeView. “I’ve strived to not only carve my own niche but also to usher in change and innovation within the B2B tech landscape.”

Starting her career in advertising, Megha Sharma found her true calling in the world of B2B tech. With a keen eye, she identified a common stumbling block for tech companies – lackluster consulting and repetitive ideas. This realization sparked the inception of HypeeView, a consulting firm she founded in 2022 with a singular focus: to propel B2B tech enterprises toward a robust foundation and a powerful presence.

Stephan is the Co-founder and Business Partner of HypeeView, a pioneering force alongside Founder Megha Sharma. Their collaboration was fueled by a shared vision: traditional methods for success in B2B tech are time-consuming. Together, they formulated an efficient solution to help B2B tech companies achieve revenue goals.

Stephan’s consultancy journey began in 2007, encompassing roles like Sales Director, VP Sales, and Product Director, enriching his expertise in sales, product development, and management within the Technology Industry. His influence extends beyond having managed his own thriving company and served as Strategy Director for a Tier 1 ISP and VP Sales for a division of Ericsson.

With a focus on aiding companies in the USA, Canada, Europe, and China to expand globally, Stephan excels in geographical expansion  and sales scaling strategies. His partnership with Megha Sharma amplifies HypeeView’s commitment to innovative solutions that empower B2B tech enterprises to establish strong foundations and excel in a competitive market.

As the founder of HypeeView, Megha Sharma and her team have set their sights on assisting B2B tech enterprises in constructing a solid foundation and a resonating presence. Since its inception in 2022, the consultancy has been a driving force, furnishing innovative sales and marketing strategies, in-depth market and prospect analysis, and bespoke approaches, including networking strategies, to deliver effective solutions.

With an extensive journey spanning eight years, Megha Sharma has mastered the art of transforming data into invaluable insights and communication tactics. Her prowess lies in identifying areas that necessitate enhancement and expertly managing projects from inception to culmination. Time and again, she has steered numerous companies toward achieving and even surpassing their revenue objectives, employing a precise blend of outbound techniques and personalized methodologies.

The future holds even more promise for HypeeView. Both of them stand as testaments to the notion that challenges are catalysts for opportunity, and their mission is to illuminate B2B tech companies, enabling them to radiate and attain unprecedented altitudes.

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