Capella Luxury Goat Milk Cosmetics: Reviving Cleopatra’s Ancient Beauty Secrets

Capella Luxury Goat Milk Cosmetics: Reviving Cleopatra's Ancient Beauty Secrets

Discover transformative power of Capella luxury goat milk soap, cultivated by Founder Nidhin Padichal

Kannur, Kerala [India]:  Nidhin Padichal, a former airline employee with a passion for exploring the world’s farming techniques and the secrets of goat milk-based cosmetics, has brought a touch of royalty back to India with his brand, Capella Luxury Goat Milk Soap.

Nidhin’s journey began as he crisscrossed the globe, delving into the realms of advanced farming practices and the art of crafting cosmetics from goat milk. His travels unveiled a fascinating gem from history: ancient royal families, including the legendary Cleopatra, indulged in luxurious baths using goat milk and fragrant spices to preserve their youthful beauty.

Intrigued by this historical beauty ritual, Nidhin envisioned creating goat milk-based skincare products right in his hometown of Kerala, India. Kerala, renowned for its rich spices and Ayurvedic heritage, also boasts its own breed of Malabari goats, ideal for this venture.

During his global exploration, Nidhin crossed paths with a Spanish woman who possessed invaluable knowledge about producing skincare products from goat milk. Inspired by her expertise, she encouraged Nidhin to embark on this venture in his hometown, Kerala, where traditional wisdom in spices and Ayurveda runs deep.

Nidhin’s journey began with the establishment of a goat farm, focusing on breeding high-quality Malabari goats known for their nutritious milk. This laid the foundation for creating skincare products infused with goat milk and complemented by natural ingredients indigenous to Kerala.

In February, Capella Luxury Goat Milk Soap made its debut, a mere three months after Nidhin’s entry into this unique industry. The soap quickly garnered recognition and acclaim, earning him the “Beest Skin Product” award at the prestigious Asian Excellence Award exhibition in Singapore.

Today, Capella Luxury Goat Milk Soap has expanded its reach beyond Indian borders. It is now exported to countries such as Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Vietnam, Cambodia, Portugal, and France. This global expansion is a testament to the universal appeal of the ancient beauty secrets encapsulated in Capella’s products.

Capella is not stopping at soap. The brand is gearing up to launch 27 new skincare products, including shampoos, face creams, and lotions, to cater to diverse beauty needs. Capella has received positive feedback for effectively addressing a range of skin issues, from acne and skin irritation to pigmentation. Importantly, it’s also suitable for people with conditions like psoriasis, thanks to its chemical-free and color-free formulations.

In summary, Nidhin Padichal’s journey with Capella Luxury Goat Milk Cosmetics is a remarkable fusion of historical beauty wisdom, global expertise, and traditional Kerala heritage, promising a revitalizing and enriching skincare experience for all.

You can access Capella’s products on their official website,

About Capella Luxury Cosmetics:

Capella Luxury Goat Milk Cosmetics is a pioneering brand that embodies the fusion of historical beauty wisdom, global expertise, and Kerala’s traditional heritage. Founded by Nidhin Padichal, the brand is dedicated to harnessing the age-old secrets of goat milk to craft nourishing skincare products. With a commitment to quality and natural ingredients, Capella has quickly gained recognition for its transformative goat milk soap.


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