Commune forays into Indian market with its first store launch in Bangalore


Bangalore (Karnataka) [India]: Lifestyle furniture brand Commune has made an entry to India with its first store launch in Bangalore. The brand has collaborated with Bangalore based Bauhaus Designs to retail and showcase its products to the Indian consumers.

The concept of Commune is born out of the desire to surpass everyday norms; to embody passion in both design and service. As a brand, Commune encapsulates quiet modernity; unifying function with effortless form and intelligent craftsmanship. Aspiring to become more than just a furniture brand, Commune aims to create a new lifestyle that brings people together in style and comfort. The designs at Commune are human-centric, with beauty and the needs of the modern individual. 

Talking about the first store launch in India, Joshua Koh, CEO at Commune Lifestyle said,“ India as a country has a rich history, vibrant cultures that formed a melting pot of influences from all over, eventually creating something unique only to them. This can be clearly seen in their larger than life festivals as well as architecture and monuments whose styles are hardly replicated. Similarly, Commune has adopted a unique design philosophy that draws inspiration from anyone, anywhere, incorporating anything from fashion, music, travels, lifestyle into their designs with the aim of evoking emotions of their audience. We believe that the brand’s design philosophy and furniture pieces are a great addition to the market as the highly discerning people in India, who aspire the finer things will pick up on the nuances.”

Adding to this, Jas Singh and Nehal, CEO & COO Bauhaus Designs said, “The home furnishing market in India is ever evolving. As more and more Indians are traveling the world, there is a growing demand for modern, minimal yet luxurious living spaces. Customers look for luxury home furnishings with a global taste and personalised home décor solutions. The products at Commune are a winning combination of functionality, pleasing aesthetics and quality materials. It offers smart solutions for apartment living with their distinctive and form-fitting designs. Each piece is sized to fit comfortably within the living spaces typical of city life, and thoughtfully priced to be accessible to a wide range of customers. We are excited to bring this brand to India and have already received an overwhelming response from the customers.”

Commune values quality and craftsmanship and is dedicated to ensuring the highest quality control in every step of the process from design to creation. It values the environment and takes pride in doing good by designing all its products with the intention of minimising wastage. Aside from featuring recycled materials, Commune uses wood sourced ethically from sustainably-managed forests and lacquers and coatings with low lead content.

The launch showcase by Commune was attended by top architects, design lovers, interior designers and socialites of Bangalore. 


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