Dietician and Detox expert urges everyone to take fitness on priority

Dietician and Detox expert urges everyone to take fitness on priority

Dt Sunny Gupta is known for his customized detox plans and weight loss tips. Dt Sunny Gupta has been recently honoured with Times Icons of Surat 2020-21 for health & fitness category

A healthy body leads to a healthy mind. Fitness is not just a hobby but a necessity in today’s modern world. Dt Sunny Gupta, founder of 24 Refresh Fitness & Weight Loss Centre and one of renowned dieticians of the city has helped several people achieve their fitness goals, renew their personality and lead a more confident life.

Dt Sunny Gupta’s 24 Refresh expertises in weight loss management and detox diet. They are one of the first to introduce basic to advance level detox plans in Gujarat which takes a lot of research and study of this field. Dt Sunny Gupta and his team’s deep knowledge and insights of detox therapies benefit their clients to the maximum. They keep a goal to guide the clients on long term health benefits of a balanced diet and exercise via unique 360-degree approach which can help them living a healthy life physically and mentally. Apart from organizing meal plans, Dt Sunny Gupta provides recipes based on organic and sustainable food sources and also motivates his clients to follow it rigorously.

Due to consistent hard work and dedication, 24 Refresh enjoys a huge client base with various profiles and background including medical professionals, businessmen, professionals and artists.

Dt Sunny Gupta’s 24 Refresh has also launched various detoxification programs specifically prepared for PCOD, diabetes, thyroid and weight loss. They have organized several health awareness seminars, camps, boot camps and group exercise events to promote a healthy and active lifestyle including Zumba workshops.

Dt Sunny and his team have launched an innovative campaign #petkamkaro which gained a lot of momentum and praise from people. “We have been organizing various weight loss & detox championships to spread awareness about staying fit and healthy. We also organize diet awards and monthly felicitation ceremonies of clients who follow our regimen strictly and achieve exemplary results. We strongly believe that along with weight loss, adopting healthy lifestyle is utmost important to avoid diseases in longer run.” Says Dt Suny Gupta. For more details Visit:


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