Discover PRITIKALA: A Celebration of Handcrafted Elegance and Heritage


New Delhi, [India], July 8, 2024:  PRITIKALA, a unique venture by a mother-daughter duo, is proud to announce its official launch. The brand celebrates the exquisite talent of Priti, the mother, whose name combines with “Kala” (talent) to create PRITIKALA. This brand is dedicated to promoting the rich culture and essence of handcrafted items like crystal and pearl bags, potlis, keychains, and other versatile accessories.

PRITIKALA, registered with MSME since June 2023, aims to bring the ancestral fashion of India into the GEN Z era. Our offerings are a blend of traditional knitting and beading techniques, creating luxurious and timeless pieces.

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PRITIKALA aspires to foster environmentally sustainable growth while infusing luxury into everyday life. Our products, ranging from bags to keychains, embody the everlasting elegance of pearls and crystals.

At PRITIKALA, artistry meets craftsmanship, and every creation tells a unique story. Join us in celebrating the beauty and heritage of handcrafted accessories.

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