Dream And Happiness: One Umbrella for Career and Life Path Design 

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Founded by the inspirational Dr Swapna Patker, Dream And Happiness has over two decades of motivation and start-up coaching expertise. The company guides people and businesses in creating routes to success by using a mix of psychology, astrology, business management, and building a positive image.

Clients are met with comprehensive services ranging from life coaching to corporate training. The firm is committed to understanding clients astrologically and psychologically, ensuring personalised goal-setting. One of the programmes, Bullseye, reflects the company’s dedication to vigorous discussions and result-oriented executions, embodying the essence of Dream And Happiness’ mission.  

Sharing insights about the coaching services, Dr. Swapna Patker emphasises, “Our coaching services extend beyond career advancement. We aim to shape confident leaders and have played a key role in nurturing numerous start-ups. Personality assessment, habit correction, and goal-setting rubrics are integral to our designed programmes.”

Dream And Happiness introduces initiatives like “Golden Pass To Success,” where individuals learn 28 essential life skills applicable to diverse professions. The programme equips participants with skills and emphasises the power of effective communication through “Speak Like A Pro.” Dr. Patker said, “You reach the peak depending on how you speak. Mastering the art of speaking is crucial for hijacking your audience’s attention.”

The company’s innovative approach is further exemplified by programmes like “Slam Book of Life,” a goal-setting experience tailored for students, professionals, and individuals of all ages. Dr. Patker believes, “Dreams and goals are not confined to a specific age group. Everyone can fix their life’s jigsaw puzzle by documenting their journey and planning.”

Highlighting the importance of leadership, Dream and Happiness introduces “Leadership Attitude,” recognising that leadership in the contemporary landscape demands sensibility and empathy. Dr. Patker emphasises the need for constant training and practice to make informed decisions in challenging situations.

In a world marked by escalating stress, their “Medication To Meditation” programme aims to help individuals find peace and energy, promoting a holistic perspective on life and well-being.

Dream And Happiness fosters leadership and embraces the diverse facets of personal and professional growth. The bookings for an 8-day “Slam Book” programme for April 2024 that will be held in Ladakh have started, and they can be reached for further details and discounts. 

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Contact Number: +91 9504986986


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