Empowering Retailers: The Collection’s 499 INR COD Token Redefines Customer Trust

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New Delhi, [India], January 9, 2024: The Collection, a leading mobile accessories brand known for its offline success, announces its latest initiative, a B2B website designed to change the buying process for small mobile shop owners across India. Partnering with the trusted logistics giant Delhivery, the brand extends its reach to every corner of the country, offering a comprehensive selection of high-quality accessories, convenient delivery options, and attractive pricing strategies.

Bridging the Gap for Small Businesses

Small mobile shop owners in India have long faced challenges accessing diverse and affordable accessories, often relying on traditional wholesale markets in Delhi, sustaining travel costs and disrupting business operations. The Collection addresses these pain points head-on by providing:

  1. User-Friendly B2B Website: A dedicated online platform simplifies the procurement process, enabling retailers to browse a wide range of products, compare prices, and easily place orders.
  2. Nationwide Delivery with Delhivery: The strategic partnership with Delhivery ensures prompt and reliable delivery, bringing the market directly to the doorstep of retailers, regardless of their location.
  3. Cash on Delivery Facility: Understanding the financial constraints of small businesses, The Collection offers a Cash on Delivery (COD) option, fostering trust by eliminating the need for upfront payments.
  4. Bulk Pricing: Attractive bulk discounts encourage larger purchases, maximising retailer profit margins and supporting business growth.
  5. Direct Sourcing from Factories: By eliminating intermediaries, The Collection guarantees the authenticity and quality of its products while maintaining competitive prices.
  6. International Imports: The brand expands its product portfolio by importing unique and high-quality items from across the globe, catering to diverse consumer preferences.

Empowering MSME Mobile Shop Owners

The Collection aims to empower MSME (Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises) mobile shop owners who face difficulties in:

  • Accessibility: Traveling to Delhi for sourcing can be time-consuming and expensive, impacting business operations.
  • Convenience: Traditional procurement methods might not offer a user-friendly experience or diverse product options.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Local wholesale markets may impose higher prices on smaller quantity purchases, squeezing profit margins.
  • Financial Flexibility: Upfront payments for inventory can be a burden for small businesses.

The primary target audience for The Collection includes MSME mobile shop owners across India. The brand addresses its diverse needs and challenges, offering a comprehensive solution focusing on accessibility, convenience, cost-effectiveness, and financial flexibility.

Main Points:

  • The Collection launches a B2B website, revolutionising the procurement process for mobile accessories.
  • Delhivery partnership ensures prompt and reliable delivery nationwide.
  • Cash on Delivery facility caters to the financial constraints of MSMEs.
  • Direct sourcing from factories and international imports guarantees quality and affordability.
  • Competitive pricing and bulk discounts support the growth of small businesses.

For more information, please visit: thecollectionkb.com



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