GRODD® Launches Game-Changing Technology with the Launch of BeatZ 900 Headphones


Redefining the technological contours of the Indian market, GRODD® launches the arrival of its latest innovation—the GRODD BeatZ 900 Open-Ear Air Conduction Headphones. Established in January 2023 with a mission to introduce advanced, accessible technology to Indian consumers, GRODD® has quickly become the leader in the tech industry. The company’s commitment to high standards of innovation and sustainability is evident in every product revelation, especially highlighted by the warm reception of the newly launched GRODD BeatZ 900.

Hear the Future with GRODD®’s Open-Ear Technology

Amid growing concerns regarding hearing health, which the World Health Organization has identified as a significant issue with over 1 billion young adults at risk of hearing loss, GRODD® is leading the way with safer listening alternatives. The GRODD BeatZ 900, leveraging both air and bone conduction technologies, offers a listening experience that allows users to stay connected to their environment, ensuring safety and comfort without compromising on sound quality. It will enable users to remain alert to their surroundings, crucial for safety while running, cycling, or navigating busy streets.

Safety and Quality: Everyone Can Trust

By adopting a direct-to-consumer approach, GRODD® eliminates traditional mediators, offering high-quality, BIS-certified products at exceptionally competitive prices. They offer a solution – high-quality, long-lasting, and feature-rich gadgets at competitive prices. Their secret? Cutting out the middleman! By focusing on direct online sales, GRODD® eliminates unnecessary costs, passing the savings directly to users.

Igniting Curiosity and Embracing Innovation

At GRODD®, innovation is not just about launching new products—it’s about reimagining how technology integrates into daily life. Each GRODD® product is the result of thorough research, testing, and a passion for excellence. This commitment to innovation is not just about meeting expectations but creating memorable experiences that resonate with users and elevate their daily routines.

The Exciting Road Ahead with GRODD®

The journey with GRODD® is just beginning. As the startup brand continues to innovate and expand its offerings, the impact of the technologies on the market will grow, fueled by user awareness and engagement. The brand is committed to deepening its connection with the users, ensuring that future products meet and exceed user expectations, and redefining what technology can achieve.

GRODD® – Innovate, Inspire, Integrate.

About GRODD®

GRODD® is at the forefront of the technological evolution in India, offering innovative and cost-effective solutions designed for the modern lifestyle. Since its inception in 2023, GRODD® has been dedicated to enhancing the tech experience with high-quality, futuristic products curated to the needs of tech-savvy Indians.


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