KlickEdu.com Hosts Landmark MEDIKLICK Expo for Aspiring Medical Students for MBBS Abroad


New Delhi, [India], July 03, 2024:- KlickEdu.com, in partnership with Reporter TV, proudly presented India’s inaugural MEDIKLICK expo, a groundbreaking event for medical students aspiring to pursue education abroad. Spanning seven cities across the country, the expo featured university delegations from 10 countries and 15 universities, offering students firsthand insights and guidance.

Understanding Student Needs
Dr. Shubham Gautam, Founder & CEO of KlickEdu.com, shared the inspiration behind the expo. “The idea for organising such an event came after meeting numerous students and understanding their needs. Many students face difficulties in choosing the right university, often having to meet consultants in different cities,” he explained. “By bringing the MEDIKLICK Expo to their city, we aimed to simplify the university selection process.”

Comprehensive Guidance
The expo successfully attracted over 1,000 students, providing them with the opportunity to interact with university representatives and gain critical information about their educational prospects. The event also facilitated spot admissions, allowing students to secure places at their chosen universities on the spot.

Dr. Gautam emphasised the core principle of MEDIKLICK by KlickEdu: transparent knowledge transfer. “Our motto is to ensure students have access to all options without feeling pressured to finalize any university prematurely. Often, due to a lack of options, students end up making suboptimal choices. We want to prevent that by providing comprehensive information and support.”

Distinguished Inauguration

A highlight of the event was the inauguration of the Calicut expo by His Excellency Sardor Mirzayusupovich Rustambaev, Ambassador of Uzbekistan to India. His Excellency extended a warm invitation to young Indian medical aspirants to consider Uzbekistan for their medical education. The Andijan State Medical Institute from Uzbekistan was among the participating institutions, showcasing the country’s commitment to fostering international educational collaboration.

A Resounding Success

The MEDIKLICK expo’s success is a testament to the enthusiasm and aspirations of Indian students. The event not only simplified the admission process but also provided a platform for students to explore diverse educational opportunities. By bringing university representatives directly to the students’ cities, KlickEdu.com effectively bridged the gap between students and their dream universities.

Future Prospects

KlickEdu.com aims to continue this initiative, expanding the expo’s reach and impact in the coming years. The overwhelming response and positive feedback from students underscore the need for such platforms, where information is freely available, and choices are made with confidence.

Dr. Gautam expressed his gratitude to the students of India for their participation and support. “We are thankful to the students of India for making this the most successful abroad medical admission event of 2024. This is just the beginning, and we look forward to continuing to support students in their educational journeys.”


The MEDIKLICK expo by KlickEdu.com has set a new benchmark in the realm of educational expos in India. By focusing on transparency and accessibility, the event has empowered students to make informed decisions about their future. As KlickEdu.com continues to innovate and expand, the future looks promising for aspiring medical students across the country.

This landmark event marks a significant step forward in simplifying the complex process of selecting and securing admissions to international medical universities. With the continued support of educational institutions and students alike, KlickEdu.com is poised to become a pivotal player in the global educational landscape.


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