Mango Data & Crayons Advertising Announces Official Collaboration As Media Partners

Mango Data & Crayons Advertising Announces Official Collaboration As Media Partners

Re-directing an ingenious alliance towards the formation of a strategic relationship with the best of their competence

New Delhi: In the last one and a half years, the world as we knew, changed. People and their interaction with digital technology have undergone a tectonic shift. Covid forced them to change their behaviour but once changed, they have embraced technology. This has led to brands seeking engagement with their consumers and have focused on platforms that help them do that. In order for brands to keep up with the changing consumer and behaviour, the structure of communication agencies is also undergoing a change. There are collaborations within the mainstream and digital agencies. Agencies, which had digital as one of the silos are finding ways to break down the silos and provide solutions that are integrated.

One such collaboration is between Mango Data and Crayons. Mango Data with its extensive expertise across digital mediums and Crayons with its strong understanding of consumer behaviour are coming together to offer solutions that go beyond the “traditional” ways of using the digital medium.

Having collaborated in the past across various projects, this partnership is a natural progression, not just to strengthen the capabilities of each partner but also to complement each other through their area of expertise.

Speaking about the partnership, Deepak Negi, CEO MangoData said “The power of this partnership is already evident in some of the new wins for Crayons where the strength of Crayons’ creative idea was amplified by Mango Data’s cutting edge technology and effective media solutions. I expect that we will soon be a powerhouse of innovative and clutter-breaking ideas to maximise the effectiveness of the engagement between the brand and its consumers”

Kunal Lalani, Managing Director Crayons is also very upbeat about the partnership – “In this day and age, what is important is to have great content that is delivered precisely to the right target audience. This partnership is going to bring about the perfect balance between content and technology”


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