Maruti Exim aims to bolster global presence

Maruti Exim, textile export house, Surat-based Maruti Exim, Vikas Modi,

Surat (Gujarat) [India]: Maruti Exim, a government-recognised textile export house and known for its strong presence across the Middle East, Africa and other regions, is poised to scale up its international presence and operations further.

Having started its first office in Dubai, Surat-based Maruti Exim gradually expanded to Saudi Arabia, before venturing into Africa. Today, its products are distributed in markets across the Middle East, including Kuwait, Iran and Iraq, Nigeria, Sudan and Senegal in West Africa, Morocco in North Africa, and Indonesia and Thailand in South-East Asia.

“Opening the Dubai office was a turning point for us. Not only did we learn a great deal about running an international business, but Dubai’s strategic location also facilitated the expansion of our operations to neighbouring countries and Africa. We have since established robust physical setups and warehouses in four countries, which allows us to effectively cater to many markets in their vicinity,” Vikas Modi, Co-founder, Maruti Exim.

Over the years, Maruti Exim has built a solid reputation for its quality products, competitive pricing and timely deliveries.

“Our strong focus on research and development has been instrumental in expanding our product portfolio, a key to cater to diverse customer choices and requirements in different geographies. We can sell in small batches enabling us to meet tight deadlines. Our long-standing relations with suppliers and strong quality parameters, right from raw materials to manufacturing and distribution, ensure quality and consistency of our products,” said Vinay Modi, Co-founder, Maruti Exim.

Harshvardhan Modi, (designation ??), Maruti Exim, said, “Having established a strong presence in several regions across the world, we are now working to expand our presence to more countries as we embark on our next growth phase. Receiving the status of a 2-star Export House from the government of India this year gives a huge boost to our ambitions to expand to more markets.”

Maruti Exim’s product portfolio comprises fabrics made from polyester, cotton, viscose and various blends, along with intricate embroidery and dyed prints. It specialises in cotton and polyester and is also strong in digital prints.


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