Nagpur to Witness Prestigious Education Excellence Awards 2024 Hosted by AICPE


Nagpur, (Maharashtra), [India], June 06, 2024: AICPE Educational Services Private Limited is delighted to announce its role as the esteemed host of the Education Excellence Awards 2024. This event, scheduled for September 1st at a premier venue in Nagpur, will mark a prominent moment of recognition and celebration in the educational domain.

Incepted by Sharad Taori and Kavita Taori, AICPE began its journey with a clear mission: to democratise access to quality computer education across India. With a foundation rooted in inclusivity and empowerment, AICPE has grown to oversee a network of over 3000 computer institutes nationwide, each dedicated to providing comprehensive IT and computer training. This initiative aims to equip students from all socio-economic backgrounds with the skills necessary to thrive in a digitised global economy.

The 2024 ceremony will highlight excellence across four major categories, designed to encompass the spectrum of educational achievement:

  • The Pinnacle Achievers Award: This is awarded to educational institutions that have consistently demonstrated high standards of academic performance and introduced innovative teaching methodologies.
  • The Commitment Champions Award:- This is dedicated to educators and administrators who have shown a relentless dedication to fostering student success and maintaining educational excellence, even under challenging circumstances.
  • The Progress Leaders Award:- This will honour those who have successfully implemented programs that have led to substantial improvements in educational outcomes.
  • The Growth Achievers Award:- This will celebrate entities that have achieved growth in terms of student enrollment, retention, and overall satisfaction.

Speaking about the awards, Sharad Taori, Director of AICPE, shared his vision, 

“At AICPE, we believe that empowering students with technology skills is not just about education; it’s about creating futures. Each student who walks through our doors is seen as a learner and a future innovator and leader. The Education Excellence Awards recognise those who share our vision and contribute tirelessly towards shaping these futures. We celebrate their achievements as milestones in our collective journey to illuminate every corner of India with the light of knowledge and technology.”

This high-profile event is expected to draw a diverse group of dignitaries from the education sector, including policymakers, school leaders, and distinguished educators from across India. The ceremony will feature keynote speeches, panel discussions, and opportunities for networking, providing a dynamic platform for thought leadership and professional collaboration.

As AICPE continues to lead the way in educational innovation, the Education Excellence Awards 2024 is set to be a ray of inspiration, pushing the boundaries of academic achievements and innovations in India. Through this event, AICPE reaffirms its values to enhance IT education and skill development, contributing significantly to empowering India’s future workforce.

With its enduring focus on quality, relevance, and accessibility, AICPE remains a pioneering force in transforming the educational opportunities available to students across the nation, preparing them for the job market and a lifetime of continuous learning and development.


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