Plan My Health & Educure delivering all kind of Digital preventive & Online wellness Services to Corporate, Schools & families

Plan My Health & Educure delivering all kind of Digital preventive & Online wellness Services to Corporate Schools & families

Mumbai, Maharashtra : Staying healthy in today’s uncertain times is one of the most important aspects one focuses on. As important as your individual health, your family’s well-being is also a priority. ‘Plan My Health’ and ‘Educure’ provides the holistic care you need.

Plan My Health & Educure is the brainchild of entrepreneurs Akshay J Shah & Kailash Jatt. It is one of the most famous health care service providers delivering digital & onsite wellness services on pan India basis. Their core focus is around satisfaction and ideate measures to achieve better healthcare management for you. Plan My Health & Educure offers the most sought healthcare & Wellness Services to Corporate, Groups, Educational Institutes & Families.

Their Family Health Plan ( provides a comprehensive package  for your entire family for a virtual healthcare experience. It is India’s first a complete out of pocket healthcare expense management company at the most reasonable cost (savings upto 80%). Through unlimited digital teleconsultation for Allopathy, Ayurveda, Homeopathy, and Home dentistry delivered by trained doctors they also provide home delivery of medicines and blood test collections. You can also access many value added benefits, including Accidental Insurance, Hospitalization and Wellness Services like Diet & psychological consultation.

The Corporate Wellness services provide a customized employee health plan which covers doctor teleconsultation, psychological and diet consultation, Health Risk assessment, and Electronic Medical records. They also provide on-site clinic management, corporate wellness sessions, and diagnostic services.

The Home Wellness services offer the best professional team catering to all your healthcare requirements at your doorstep like doctors on call, physiotherapists, nurses and caregiver services. Their tailor made holistic packages cater to pregnancy, heart and cardiac, weight loss, senior citizen, women care, diabetic and post-surgical conditions.

They also offer School Health Program services under ‘Educure School Health’ brand ( for educational institutes, wherein they deliver proper healthcare for students additionally organize wellness programs. They provide services covering the child’s physical and mental health by paying attention to them at school. With their on-site medical rooms with student health check-up, life skill and onsite counsellor and an onsite sports and fitness trainer, they provide school benefits like early detections , healthier students & fitness for better performance.

Plan My Health’ succor 325 clients all-over with the help of 2000+ healthcare services network on a Pan-India basis. They have collaborated with Tata Projects, Parliament sites (government), Euro Schools, Pfizer, Zee Learn and Voltas. Their plan is to serve five million lives by the year 2025 and make them healtheir & prevent them from future health risk. Live Healthy , Eat Healthy , Think Healthy for well being is their mantra . Plan My health tag line says Apka Health Partner & they stand by it.

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