Pride International School


Mithila Nagar, Ward No – 21, Lauria Road, Narkatiaganj, West Champaran, Bihar +91-9071005599.

Pride International School offers quality education in the hub of Narkatiaganj, of West Champaran, Bihar – Its fully high-tech school having every single classroom air – conditioned and digital boards installed in all.

Conceived as a place where students learn about the world around them in a creative and modern way. Pride International School is an inspiring environment for ambitions young people who strive towards high academy goals. In the modern world which is constantly changing, it is necessary to keep up, with the times and continuously and attain new knowledge. That is the very reason why we decided to merge global trends in teaching methodology, Information technology and curriculum design.

A modern environment, cutting- edge technology, interactive teaching methods, English mediated lessons, a rich array of extracurricular activities and special attention directed towards the needs of each student are all features that are fused together to make Pried international school a truly unique educational setting. For Learning to be fruitful is also needs at to be fun, enhanced with friendships, extracurricular activities, excursions, field trips, sports competitions and many other things.

Quality education and our student’s progression is the best confirmation of our success. This is why, Pride international school’s Primary motivation and mission is to help its students’ become citizens of the world whose knowledge, ideas and actions will make them successful people and role models for future generations.

Students come to our school not because they have to, but because they want to which is of paramount importance to us. This is why, we try to furnish this environment with conditions for learning and socializing which reflect the values that we cherish.

Although modern, when it comes to teaching methodology and use of Technology, our high- tech school has remained true to traditional moral values. At our school all students are equal, regardless of sex, financial status, nationality or religion, and we pay special attention to respecting human rights and nourishing friendship.

We hold that in a great value to be just, fair and truthful, because that is the way to build a responsible relationship first towards oneself and others. Developing the awareness of self, our students develop self- initiative, capability of making a self – assessment and expressing one’s own opinion. We encourage them to build their opinions, believe and value system to through cultivation of personal and national integrity.

We encourage our students to develop and practice healthy lifestyles, the awareness of the importance of one’s health and safety.

We see our students in the future as the citizens of the world: Educated modern, successful and above all responsible. And that is the way our school makes them.

Pride International School provides a wide range of solutions to promote student progress, as well as teacher development. The online learning system which pride international school provides is where educators can organize academic tasks and assignments with a high level of efficiency. In this way our school is practically a people a paperless school which supplies students with meaningful online education and real – time feedback from teachers.

Mentoring tutoring, talent management and appreciation of each students’ educational needs are just some of the elements which promote price international school as a school with a modern academic approach we have built a team of knowledgeable teachers and Mentors, who are not only experienced and professional, but also motivated to pursue their educational philosophy.  They appreciate the talents each student has, and know how to recognize and nourish them.

In our teaching approach we have strived to avoid old -fashioned and often criticized elements of the educational system in the whole of West Champaran but we have also kept and improved those which are traditionally good and valued as efficient and result- Oriented. Our teachers are good educators in the first place, who mentor our students to discover and cherish their talents but also support learning where it is needed.

 Although we strive cover the curriculum fully during school hours, If there are uncertainties in understanding the tasks or units, our students do not have to hire. Instead, they can arrange tutoring or mentoring, for any learning uncertainties that they may have, with the teachers after school hours.

Pride international school today is here, because, of its Director Mr. Manish Kumar Mishra. This school was his dream, where he wanted to see every single child of Narkatiaganj to get educated in its true sense. Mr. Manish Kumar Mishra, who resides in Bengaluru is the owner of reputed IT company and is in the IT Business for the last 17 years till present. It was his dream child to build this school and today his prayers have been answered.


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