RNP Stellar Project, a boutique lifestyle homes project announced

RNP Stellar Project a boutique lifestyle homes project announced

Breaking stereotypes, Lagadapati Padma forays into real estate

Hyderabad, (Telangana): The real estate industry, which is largely male-dominated with very few women in leadership positions, is slowly seeing a positive change. City’s entrepreneur Ms Lagadapati Padma forays into real estate. 

Breaking stereotypes, she along with three others Prabhakar, Ramesh Patel and Nishant Chawda just announced their ambitious project, RNP Stellar Projects.

Several women entrepreneurs, Ms Uma Chigurupati, Chairperson FLO Hyderabad, Ms Usharani Manne of Polmon Instruments Pvt. Ltd; Ms Rekha Reddy, Ms Nidhi Swarup, Ms Maya Patel, Ms Uma, Ms Manjula Reddy and others graced the launch. 

It is our special journey of creating boutique lifestyle homes in Hyderabad, says Ms Padma, the former FLO Chairperson.  

Our vision is to create best in class landmark properties to transform “Community Living” by creating luxury homes ads Ramesh Patel.

The project has just been launched. It is a 195 flats residential 3 BHK high-end project. This G+ 15 floor high rise venture is coming up at Kondapur shares Prabhakar.

Nishant Chawda, a senior Principal Architect in the industry for more than 20 years. a successful technocrat with interest in diverse businesses says it will be one of the landmarks in the city people will look up to. 

The location, promoters, the combination–architects, builders, designers and project management of Tata is our USP, says Ms Padma.  

I have been into construction, real estate, fabrication, biodegradable products manufacturing, she informs. This will be our signature project; a landmark in the city which people will be proud about, says the Padma.  

The construction business, because of the nature of the industry, with long hours on-site, having to deal with contractors and workers, is traditionally male-dominated. Consequently, the investment side also took a natural progression to be male-dominated. But what prompted Padma to foray into it?

The sector is not new to us. Our family has been in and out of it. I have fairly good knowledge of the business, she adds.  

Women have started gaining momentum and accepting prominent roles in real estates, like never before. Being good at balancing work and family, they are known to multitask, which is a critical aspect in real estate owing to the complex nature of the industry. Women tend to bring in a perfect combination of compassion, focus, assertiveness, and determination in various segments of the sector. This is one of the major reasons why female potential in real estate is largely being felt and recognized worldwide, she says. 

Ms Padma has ambitious plans and said will share them at an appropriate time. 


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