Stilt+4 Builder floors a good solution for quality living at a reasonable price in Gurugram


Four floor builder floors are becoming a popular choice of home buyers in Gurugram. These are upcoming as a good solution for quality home at a reasonable price.

Four floor independent Builder floors have recently become more popular driver of this, transition, other factors such as shorter possession times and more internal space & privacy in the home have also contributed to its growth.

Gurugram and Faridabad, two of the biggest cities in Haryana, are witnessing a significant reversal in the housing market trend as four floor independent Builder apartments gain popularity following the pandemic. In reality, close to 10,970 housing units—of which 4,500 are independent floor units—were launched in Gurugram and Faridabad during the previous fiscal year. More than 10,000 independent builder floors are anticipated to be built in both cities this year.

The need for independent floors is being pushed by a greater understanding of holistic living, which emphasizes family health and well-being with planted greens, jogging trails, modern amenities, and necessary services. People benefit from the extra room and a sense of privacy on independent levels that can be tailored to their needs.

Mr. Arun Goyal, a resident of South City – C Block moved to Gurugram from Delhi in search of budget-friendly housing options. He said affordability is the main driving force behind the rising demand for builder’s floors. It’s next to impossible for a middle-class family to invest almost 8-10 Cr. to buy a plot and build a home on it, whereas, in builder floors, a homebuyer can get his dream home in a budget of 1 Cr to 3 Cr investment which is again less than half of price of plot and home collectively. Four floor builder apartments are easy to live as they are not chaotic and overcrowded like multi storey apartments.

Mr Madan Lal, resident of Uppals South End, Sector 49 (Gurugram) – said that four floor builder apartments feel convenient and come in handy with essential amenities such as 100% water and power supply. When suggesting your friends and family buy or invest in a builder apartment, it makes a mindful choice as four floors basically connect 4 families who stay and leave peacefully in the building which is not the case with high-rise apartments. I don’t think a builder floor should be any less than 4 floors because its impacts the cost and reduces it in buyer’s favour. As a buyer, we want affordability, good space, less crowd, and all amenities together which makes independent builder floors a perfect choice.

In addition, living on a separate floor gives you peace of mind because you are not at risk from other people utilizing the same lift repeatedly throughout the day.

All RWA’s along with government bodies like HUDA & MCG are doing a fantastic job in maintaining all the roads, parks, sewerage systems, cleanliness of all the HUDA & Private colonies of Gurgaon & Faridabad and residents are very happy and supportive of the government for the same.

Amandeep Singh, owner of 4th floor in F 43, South City 2 resident (Gurugram) who shares his builder’s floor with his brother said, the joy of sharing a bigger space for a bigger family is always a blissful feeling.

To conclude, homebuyers want to live in peace while having access to the newest facilities, gated community’s independent builder floor Stilt + 4 Floors may be the right choice.


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