Tirumal Classes: Where Aspirants’ Dreams Take Flight 

Tirumal Classes Where Aspirants' Dreams Take Flight.

Tirumal Classes IAS Institute believes that the UPSC civil service exam evaluates every dimension of the human aspect associated with a nation. At Tirumal Classes, the focus is on training students academically and in aspects of intelligence and personality. The unique approach involves a well-planned schedule, incorporating a strategic and scientific model. The institute encourages students to follow the 3 R’s – Revision, Recollection, and Retention. The dedicated management and faculty are always there to support students in achieving their dreams.

Tirumal Classes IAS Institute, under the leadership of M. Tirumal, started its journey during the lockdown period by providing free education through platforms like YouTube and Instagram. The institute has grown exponentially from humble beginnings, reaching a turnover of 3 crores in the education technology sector. The journey began with free online classes and expanded to affordable offline tuition. The institute has even been recognized by prestigious programs like ETV Yuva, showcasing its inspiring success story.

The institute offers quality education at an affordable price, charging less than the cost of a pizza per month. What sets Tirumal Classes apart is the commitment to provide early morning tuition at 5 AM, a rarity in the country. The institute has become a symbol of accessibility, ensuring financial constraints do not hinder aspirants from achieving their goals.

M. Tirumal, the director of Tirumal Classes IAS Institute, shares, “Our vision is not only to prepare you for an examination but to create an effective and qualified administrative workforce for the country. We aim to guide motivated young minds toward a better career and a successful professional life.”

He adds, “Success is never-ending, nor failure is final. Trust us, believe in yourself, and work hard. We are dedicated to the success of every student in our academy.”

The institute is committed to redefining the coaching of the UPSC CSE Exam by training aspirants in knowledge, personality, and thought processes. The institute guides aspiring candidates through all stages of the examination, fostering academic excellence and the development of administrative traits, techniques, and soft skills.

Beyond shaping academic excellence, the institute is shaping individuals ready to contribute to the nation’s growth. By providing affordable and accessible education, Tirumal Classes significantly impacts the lives of aspiring civil servants. As M. Tirumal aptly puts it, “Success is never-ending,” with institutions like Tirumal Classes, the journey to success becomes a shared initiative, guiding aspirants toward a brighter and promising future.


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