Wynswell to release its “Emerging 30 under 30 list 2022″ by end of December

Wynswell to release its “Emerging 30 under 30 list 2022

Wynswell Global Business Services (WGBS) just like the previous years, is soon to release its prestigious emerging 30 under 30 list.

The founders announced recently in a press release.

Wynswell is a private limited company registered in India under the companies Act 2013, the company is into business and management consultancy as its main line of business operation, further its into the Virtual CFO, Internal Auditing, Taxation and other related financial and accounting profession for the corporates and start up.

WynSwell Founders

WynSwell started back in 2017 as a proprietorship firm by Kumar Prateek and to bring more expertization and give value to the firm Arpit Raj AKA Chaai Seth joined firm as a co-Founder in 2018 and Mr Radha Krishn Kala a Finance backed professional joined the company as a co-founder in 2019 and further Mr Kapil Chauhan in 2022.

Wynswell Lists

Since the company is into the Management & Business consultancy, the company has certain parameters to evaluate and analyse distinct business models and scalability scope, based on its evaluation parameters the company releases several lists from time to time to depict business scope and praise the founders as well as the business.

Some notable lists released till now are as following:
Top 10 Female Entrepreneur 2021 list,
30 under 30 list,
10 Emerging Startups 2021.

The last released list got several print media coverage as well as multiple satellite based media/news channels like News18 network and India news.

Selection Procedure of the list

Wynswell has a team that analyse the nominated names and personalities based on various factors also known as KPI (Key Performance Indicators), some of the notable points are :
1. Age and/or Experience of the founders in the same line of business.
2. Education background and its relevance in the current running business
3. Current Team size and the starting team size
4. Capital Source: Bootstrapped or Funded.
5. Scalability factor.
6. Number of Business in which the founders are engaged at same time.
7. Area of Operation – multi-state or limited to city.
8. Mode of Operation – Online or Offline.
9. Mode of Interaction – Via Apps or Website
10. Lead Sources and its source wise percentage
11. Estimated Lead Conversion Ratio.
12. Cost of Lead Generation and Cost of Conversion.
13. The Nature of Product/Service and entry barriers if any
14. Licenses, certificates and recognition details
15. Statutory Compliance meeting parameters
16. Mode of recording and implementing the books of accounts
17. Relation with the Auditor of the company
18. Team size for different domains & its controllability.
19. Attending conference and public speaking modules
20. 3 years plan of action and job opportunity creation parameters, etc.

It is to be further noted that only entrepreneurs with age limit of 30 are eligible to apply for the nomination.

Steps for nomination

Wynswell team send the nomination forms to various shortlisted personalities, one can ask for the form by contacting the team through the contact form or through the contact number mentioned on their official website.

The team then after analyses the same revert back for further steps.


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