Aankona: Weaving Threads, Crafting Dreams – A Woman’s Vision to Redefine Fashion

Aankona: Weaving Threads Crafting Dreams - A Woman's Vision to Redefine Fashion

The world we live in is changing, fast-moving images, ever-decreasing discounts, and a forever shortening attention span. But what about art? Art requires patience, creativity, and an audience. To revive lost art and help Indian artisans, Sangita Maji envisioned Aankona Design Studio.

Nestled in the vibrant city of Kolkata, Aankona is more than just a boutique brand—it is a living testament to showcasing the richness of Bengal’s traditional artistry and cultural heritage through timeless creations. With every thread woven by skilled artisans and stitched with love, Aankona radiates the magic of being one’s true self and celebrates the essence of craftsmanship in every elegant saree

About Aankona

Embarking on this creative odyssey in 2012 as a humble boutique, Aankona unfurled its wings to soar higher, carving a path of artistry and ingenuity. In the ensuing years, the atelier blossomed into an epitome of excellence, weaving its own handloom tapestry in 2016 and adorning it with masterful tailoring finesse in 2018. This metamorphosis culminated in 2019 when Aankona embraced the global stage through its foray into the world of exports.

Beyond merely adorning women, Aankona symbolizes the magic of being one’s true self—a harmonious amalgamation of elegance and authenticity. Each drape becomes an intimate conversation between the gifted artisans and the cherished wearer, a celebration of individuality and craft. Aankona’s creations exude an air of sophistication that transcends trends, reverberating with the very essence of art woven into the fabric of existence.

Aankona’s Collection: A Symphony of Indian Craftsmanship

Indulge in the opulent grandeur of Aankona Design Studio’s exquisite collection, where a treasure trove of Indian craftsmanship awaits your discerning eye. From the illustrious charm of Jamdani to the resplendent allure of Tussar and the sheer elegance of Khadi Silk, each creation unfurls a mesmerizing saga of artistry woven with threads of legacy. The intricate art of Kantha Saree beckons with its intricate stitchwork, while the regal finesse of Begumpur and Garad enlivens with their timeless allure. Embrace the sumptuous texture of Resham Noil Sarees, handwoven with sheer finesse, radiating an aura of splendor and sophistication. Allow Aankona’s collection to embrace you in its rich narrative, each saree a masterpiece, a testament to the resplendent grandeur of Indian tradition and craft.

Art and Immortality: Sangita’s Vision for Aankona

In the heart of Aankona’s visionary founder, Sangita Maji, burns a flame of unyielding passion—a dream to awaken a cultural revival and celebrate the soul of Indian heritage. Fueled by her profound love for her roots, Sangita’s vision stands as a timeless legacy, embracing tradition and igniting the spark within us to embrace our true selves, weaving our own magic in the tapestry of existence.

Be a part of Aankona’s journey and embrace the timeless allure of Indian craftsmanship. Together, let’s build a future where art and technology unite in harmony.


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