Women Entrepreneur Parmeet Devgun announced to be the state president of Mothers Army, All India


The Punjab-based Women Entrepreneur, Parmeet Devgun announced to be the state president of Mothers Army, All India.

Parmeet Devgun is a woman with a strong personality and is working as Social worker, Sole proprietor of Aaham Expedition and activity member of Women’s Indian Chamber Of Commerce And Industry (WICCI), As a Vice President Of The Organisation.

Mothers Army is dedicated to uniting the women of the world as mothers to ensure safety and security of children, women and girls in all spheres of life and work. Mothers Army (MA), under the aegis of ALL Ladies League (ALL), will form MA chapters across the world, in every nook and corner, to ensure that women walk and work with protection and peer support for safety and redressal. MA Chapters will work with resident welfare associations, police, lawyers, civil society and other law enforcement agencies to ensure its goals of violence free societies for women, girls and children everywhere.

Commenting on the same Mrs.Parmeet Devgun said, ” Becoming a state president of a mothers army is a significant achievement that comes with great responsibility and leadership opportunities. It allows you to influence the organization’s direction and make a positive impact on its members and community. However, it also requires dedication, effective communication, and the ability to build consensus among diverse stakeholders. Overall, it’s a challenging but rewarding role to hold.”

Visit: https://mothersarmy.aall.in/


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