Agniforge Systems, led by Madhu Songare, Launches India’s First Locally-Made Drone Components


Noida (Uttar Pradesh), [India], May 27, 2024: Charting a new course in technological empowerment, Agniforge Systems Private Limited launches India’s first domestically engineered drone transmitter and receiver. This pioneering achievement not only challenges international dependencies but also marks a monumental step forward in fortifying India’s strategic sectors of agriculture and defence.

Under the guidance of Madhu Songare, the formidable founder and key stakeholder of the women-led Agniforge System, this innovation emerged from a deep understanding of local farmers’ ideologies and supporting them. By recognising the hardships faced due to unreliable maintenance support for imported drone components, Madhu led the creation of strong, locally sourced alternatives, thereby reducing operational costs and enhancing productivity for farmers.

“Our innovations are not just advancements in technology—they are the building blocks for a self-sufficient future,” stated Madhu Songare. “With every component we develop, we’re ensuring that India’s skies are navigated by technology that is homegrown and fully supported locally.”

This revolutionary transmitter and receiver are integral to Agniforge’s expansive mission to underpin both the defence and agricultural sectors with superior indigenous technology. The company’s extensive collaboration with national defence forces and continual development of defence equipment showcase its vision for making national security.

Equipped with a top-tier R&D laboratory and a dedicated team of experts, Agniforge Systems is redefining industry standards in UAV production. By making these advanced components available market-wide, Agniforge not only elevates its industry peers but also cultivates a broader environment of innovation and resilience within the Indian drone market.

About Agniforge Systems Private Limited

Established in 2024, Agniforge Systems is at the forefront of the UAV industry in India, specialising in manufacturing diverse drone categories and indigenous UAV parts. Integrating state-of-the-art technology with a pledge to sustainability, Agniforge remains dedicated to steering India towards a more interconnected and technologically advanced future.


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