From Vision to Visibility: Trina Paul’s Stories of Brand Success

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Kolkata (West Bengal), [India], May 27, 2024:- In Kolkata, The Yoga Traveler is creating many success stories. Founded by Trina Paul in April 2022, this studio has quickly become the favourite place for people seeking genuine yoga experiences. What started in a humble 200 sq ft room in Trina’s home has blossomed into a big wellness and community centre.

Trina’s journey—overcoming severe health issues through yoga—inspired her to share the transformative power of this ancient practice. Her passion and dedication have been instrumental in the studio’s rapid growth, attracting over 500 students within just two years. These students have not only improved their physical health but have also experienced profound mental and emotional benefits.

The Yoga Traveler offers more than regular classes; it provides a pathway to personal transformation and professional opportunity through its Basic Teacher Training course, which assists students in passing AYUSH certification. This program has empowered many students to start their own yoga businesses, spreading the benefits and awareness of yoga further into the community.

The studio’s heartful atmosphere is not just a claim but a reality that comes alive during its annual family picnic and International Yoga Day celebrations. These events, which draw the community closer, exemplify The Yoga Traveler’s inclusive spirit and success.

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