“Cloud ERP is imperative to the success and sustainability of fabrication businesses,” says Siddhant Bery of KSP Inc….

Cloud ERP is imperative to the success and sustainability of fabrication businesses says Siddhant Bery of KSP Inc.
Siddhant Bery

Cloud ERP is the new manufacturing paradigm whose significance has been acknowledged by organizations all over the world as they embrace it to stay relevant in today’s complex and dynamic economic landscape. KSP, a regnant brand in metal fabrication, recognized early on how vital it was to stay ahead of technology and has since remained relevant by continuously strengthening and investing in technologies through innovation and sustainability.

Their transformation from a modest company which made engine crankshafts to a prominent exporter of consumer metal fabricated products illustrates their ability to embrace changes and adapt to market needs. The installation of Cloud ERP was a major step in their quest to remain ahead of technical developments. The need for a crucial enabling technology to assure efficiency and sustainability while simultaneously decreasing costs drove the implementation of Cloud ERP at KSP.

Siddhant, Managing Partner, KSP who spearheaded the entire transformation streamlined and automated processes across every department in the company and upgraded KSP’s digital integration to industry best practices. He implemented Cloud ERP and developed internal systems to interconnect the organization’s many verticals to deliver benefits such as increased productivity and efficiency.

Since its implementation, ERP has become a critical system that has helped improve design efficiency, product quality design, inventory management, production scheduling, financial and operational management order management, materials requirement planning, and Quality Assurance control. Choosing a manufacturing cloud ERP also provided the business with the essential scalability while lowering TCO.

Commenting on their digital transformation, Siddhant says, “CLOUD ERP has allowed us to have 360 degree insight over the most essential areas of supply chain operations, such as warehouse management, transportation, and inventory. Besides ensuring the quality of finished products and streamlining inventory management, it also aided in allocating jobs in accordance with machine and labour availability. The company improved its efficiency significantly, resulting in reduced total costs and more customer satisfaction.

KSP’s capacity to reinvent itself has allowed it to maintain its market leadership with an outstanding selection of products such as bird feeders, lawn and garden décor, indoor and outdoor furniture, home storage items, home and office organizing tools, fireplace equipment and accessories. Its unique ability to provide a wide range of production services under one roof, from design and casting to machining, finishing, and delivery, has led to partnerships with global brands such as Walmart, Lowes, Home Depot, Sainsbury, Staples, and Tesco in countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Denmark, Germany, Sweden, Canada, France, and Australia.

Having 4 operational manufacturing units spread across 150,000 sq ft in Noida, it employs 1100 people across all business divisions and operates four operational manufacturing units spread across 112,000sq ft in Noida. It is also a socially responsible business that has been audited by Walmart, Target, and Lowes. The company’s dedication to sustainability is evidenced by the fact that they have a green rating from Walmart (the highest grade that is offered by Walmart to companies).


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