Family Business Triumph: The Mullicks’ Journey with United Pest Management


Kolkata (West Bengal), [India], June 07, 2024: United Pest Management, a prominent name in pest control services, was established in 1988 by Sri Pradip Mullick. The company has witnessed significant growth, challenges, and a remarkable revival under the next generation’s leadership.

The Inception and Early Growth

Sri Pradip Mullick laid the foundation of United Pest Management in 1988 with a vision to provide effective pest control solutions in Kolkata. In 1988, the company commenced operations under the name United Pest Killer. Subsequently, United Pest Management was established, continuing under the same leadership team. In the early 1990s, the company received a significant boost when late Sri SK Roy, the Managing Director of the Peerless Group, recognised Pradip’s potential and entrusted him with pest control contracts for most of his properties. This pivotal support enabled Pradip to expand his operations rapidly across Kolkata and its surrounding areas.

Challenges and Transformation 

Despite initial success, the company needed help keeping up with technological advancements and service upgrades. This led to customer dissatisfaction and a decline in clientele, eventually closing the business. In 2019, Pradip’s son, Parijat Mullick, took over the reins, determined to revive the legacy from scratch. He inherited neither clients, machinery, employees, nor capital but was driven by a shared vision of restoring the company’s former glory.

Rebuilding from Scratch 

The transition was not easy. Shortly after restarting the business, the COVID-19

pandemic struck, bringing all pest control operations to a halt. Faced with unprecedented challenges, Parijat showed remarkable resilience. Parijat attended numerous online training sessions to equip himself with the knowledge to offer authentic sanitisation services. Despite the scarcity of workforce due to COVID-19 restrictions, he led his team to various sites, gaining clients’ trust and confidence.

Technological Advancements and Client Safety

Since then, United Pest Management has made significant investments in acquiring the latest technologies and machinery to deliver optimal results. The company prioritises using chemicals that are safe for human health, ensuring the well-being of both clients and staff. This focus on health and safety, coupled with advanced pest control methods, has positioned the company as a trusted name in the industry.

With Parijat, United Pest Management continues to uphold its legacy of excellence, driven by a commitment to client satisfaction and community welfare.


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