Helper Coin is a faith-based asset


A digitally empowering online crypto community for securing a socially sustainable ecosystem, HelperWorld underpins blockchain technology to solve fund traceability and cross-border payments.

It is a decentralized cryptocurrency that an individual can hold for profit and can be used for trading.

With 200 million registered users, HelperWorld makes it simpler to track real-time funds, eliminating the possibility of digital threats and maintaining holistic security and privacy for its crypto users – via their current project ‘Call For Blessing’ with a donation coin for a cause ‘Helper Coin,’ it has multiple modules like Staking, Swapping, Exchange and Banking – garnering a social impact, spread globally, with a digital currency and added-on benefits.

HelperWorld also allows users to execute peer-to-peer transactions without the need for a third party or an intermediary. Due to some of the issues associated with centralized exchanges, decentralized exchanges are preferred by some users.

“This technology-driven world has influenced every aspect of our lives … Technology has the ability to bend, break and link. With blockchain technology, we bend and break the existing system, and link the world more seamlessly through cheaper, faster, and better cross-border transactions of funds. Blockchain can have a transformative impact on how cross-border payments are conducted, augmenting and reshaping entire financial infrastructures of countries,” said Ashwani Kumar, Founder, and CEO, Helper World.

“Crypto and its technology have revolutionized the system. You may call it a social transformation or new religion; the terminology doesn’t matter, what’s important here is to understand the fact that the Blockchain has created a new start in the pyramid of society. This has given people new hope of working and establishing business ethics which was not present earlier. It has also given a hope to revolutionize not only the financial system but many other transformations in multiple niches,” Surya Kant Khantwal, Co-founder and COO, Helper World.

Using the smart contracts functionality, HelperWorld makes it simpler to track real-time funds, eliminating the possibility of digital threats, and maintaining holistic security and privacy for its crypto users.

As with other cryptocurrencies, Helper Coin will offer quarterly buybacks and burn of coins. This allows Christ Coin to continue to grow and increase its currency value.

Started in 2017, CallforBlessing was started by Ashwani Kumar with a vision of a one-stop solution for all your religious needs. The initiative aims to bring together people of all ages and backgrounds to take their first step towards a noble cause.

CallforBlessing is a free app specially designed for those who are eager to provide help to the people of your community through a blockchain-enabled system.

With the app, donors will be able to trace their donations to ensure that their offerings are only being used for the intended purposes. This will bring more trust to the complete system encouraging more contributions that will benefit the recipients and provide satisfaction to the donors.

Built on top of the Binance Smart Network, the Helper coin is a BEP-20 type token that uses blockchain technology to facilitate transactions between two individuals. It helps you to connect your wallet to buy and donate Helper coins.



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