Hyderabad Laser Surgery Hospitals: Pioneering Pain-Free Piles and fistula Clinic Founded By Three Decades Experienced Doctors


Hyderabad Laser Surgery Hospitals has stood as an excellence of healthcare in Hyderabad, embodying a legacy of trust, dedication, and unparalleled patient care. Founded by the visionary Dr Galla Murali Mohan, this esteemed institution has revolutionised laser treatments, exclusively in painless proctology procedures for conditions such as piles (hemorrhoids), fistula, fissure, lipoma, circumcision, diabetic foot, and pilonidal sinus. Dr. Mohan’s 30 plus years of dedication to healthcare has transformed his vision into reality, providing patients with advanced and painless surgical solutions.

Hyderabad Laser Hospitals is the ultimate destination for exclusive piles surgery, offering patients a haven to avoid severe infections associated with Hospital OT and open surgeries. The hospital’s experienced faculty ensures patient comfort, establishing professional women’s piles clinics with experts from the country.

The accolades, international recognition, and appreciation received by Dr. Galla and Hyderabad Laser Hospital underscore the exceptional work of their highly experienced medical team. Ensuring utmost patient convenience, Hyderabad Laser Hospitals opens its doors to individuals from all walks of life, offering home-like facilities. The hospital accepts all insurance plans, guarantees confidential consultations, provides free post-surgery follow-ups, offers affordable pricing, operates round-the-clock, and provides private air-conditioned rooms. The hospital also offers daycare surgeries and a 20% discount on diagnostic services.

In a world dominated by sedentary lifestyles, laptops, mobile phones, and unhealthy eating habits, Dr. Mohan advocates for preventive measures, advising youth to avoid prolonged periods of sitting and adopt a healthy diet. His wisdom is encapsulated in his book, “Freedom from Piles,” reminding everyone that prevention is indeed better than cure.

Dr.Galla boasts a remarkable track record, having successfully treated over twenty-five thousand patients with their cutting-edge advanced technology. Laser surgery is painless and takes only 30 minutes, and involves no cuts, stitches and over-flow of bleeding. The hospital also features an exclusive theater for piles and fistula surgery. It is a daycare procedure with advanced laser techniques which promises faster recovery than open surgeries. Laser surgery at Hyderabad Laser Hospitals helps patients resume activities within a day. The chance for infections is zero as the surgery includes no cutting off the body part.

In its commitment to patient safety, Hyderabad Laser Hospitals has established standalone laser surgery centers, mitigating the risk of complicated hospital-acquired infections prevalent in super-speciality and multi-speciality hospitals. A highly skilled team specialized in challenging and corrective surgeries for piles, fistulas, and failed hernia surgeries is available at HLSH.

Recognized as one of the top doctors in India and worldwide, including in countries like Jamaica, Dr. Galla Murali Mohan and his team of experts continue to push the boundaries of medical innovation. Hyderabad Laser Surgery Hospital remains at the forefront of medical excellence, consistently setting new standards in laser healthcare and delivering unparalleled patient experiences.

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