Rakesh Rana: Building A Community Of World-Class Growth Leaders In Wealth, Influence And Impact – Redefining Corporate Leadership


Rakesh Rana is the founder of the Growth Leadership Hub and is India’s Leading High-Performance Coach for Mid-Career & a Thought Leader

He is on a mission to transform 25 million lives and help people become world-class growth leaders in wealth, influence and impact through his International Growth Leadership Academy.

Over the past 4 years, he has impacted the lives of over 32,000+ professionals, helping them achieve 3X growth in their careers from 10 different countries

The Challenges Of Adapting In An Ever-Changing World

The digital age poses a range of both opportunities and threats. One of the biggest challenges Rakesh believes professionals face today is the challenge of adapting in an ever-changing world and claiming an executive position in the corporate world.

According to him, “Everyone dreams of becoming a “somebody” but most of those dreams are easily shattered by the opinions of all of the “nobodies” in the world. So, the biggest challenge ahead for all of us is to lead the change and adapt to the speed of growth.

Having led a community of 5,000+ Growth Leaders, here is a list of 7 traits that Rakesh believes that are common to all Growth Leaders:

1. Growth is their first priority.

 Growth is always their top priority because they believe it’s everywhere, even in the worst of situations. They unite everyone in their team around growth and work to make it happen, both individually and as a whole.

2. They don’t shy away from failure.

They don’t believe in playing-it-safe but in taking calculated risks and betting on growth, even when the outcome is uncertain. Effective leaders delegate, but growth leaders go a step further and create a culture where everyone feels empowered to make their own decisions and grow.

3. They don’t believe in the text-book definition of customers. 

For them, a customer is not just a number or an afterthought, but a valued partner in their growth. They prioritize understanding their needs, ensuring that every interaction is meaningful and every product/service is tailored to enhance their experience.

4. They don’t chase perfection.

They understand that perfection is the enemy of growth. That is why they care more for action, speed, and excellence. Instead of doing things right, they focus on doing the right things that drive personal and professional growth.

5. They sacrifice for growth. 

All leaders face the pressure of delivering results. But growth leaders are willing to sacrifice short-term results for long-term growth. They understand that the best way to deliver sustainable results is to invest in the future.

6. They follow the 3Cs of communication.

Growth Leaders understand that the power of purpose and effective communication is what makes growth happen. They communicate clearly, courteously, and consistently with all the stakeholders to make growth happen.

7. They give control to others.

For them, growth lies not just in skills and actions, but also in the mindset. They train their team to have a growth-mindset by providing constructive feedback, celebrating small wins, and emphasizing the importance of resilience in the face of setbacks.

These seven traits are testament to the fact that true leaders don’t create followers; they create more leaders by nurturing growth in others.

In their hands, the future becomes not a mere destination, but a plethora of endless possibilities.

Become a Growth Leader today and change your life as well as Improve others!

Want to know more about him & his impact, visit this: https://www.raakeshrana.co/org


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