LANXESS drives sustainable change in Jhagadia through its CSR initiatives


Mumbai (Maharashtra), [India], May 28, 2024: LANXESS reaffirms its commitment to sustainability and community development through a series of impactful Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) projects in Jhagadia, Gujarat. The organization has implemented several initiatives aimed at promoting education, renewable energy, vocational training, and water conservation in the region in the last couple of years.

LANXESS has been a driving force in promoting renewable energy solutions in Jhagadia. Focusing on the topic of Climate Protection, the organization has installed solar panels and solar street lights in key locations across the region, including rural areas, government schools and hospitals. These solar lighting projects not only contribute to reducing carbon emissions but also provide a sustainable source of electricity to the community. 

In addition to this, the organization has also invested in Rainwater Harvesting projects in the region to meet the water needs of the community in Jhagadia. This involved collecting rain water from the identified villages and recharging the ground water levels. 

LANXESS has always been committed in creating a conducive learning environment and empowering young minds. In order to enhance the quality of education in the region, the organization has supported municipal schools in Jhagadia by providing e-learning software’s. These e-learning tools provide an interactive audio-visual learning experience to the students and familiarizes them with the modern system of education. Additionally, LANXESS has also distributed school bags in municipal schools thereby providing underprivileged children access to basic educational amenities. 

Recognizing the importance of skill development and empowerment, LANXESS has been implementing vocational training program at its manufacturing site in Jhagadia over the last years. Through this program, the organization provides valuable on-the-job training to graduate apprentices. 

LANXESS has also supported the communities in times of need by mobilizing its resources and provided support to the flood affected population of Bharuch & Ankleshwar by providing them with essential relief material. Whether it be floods or other natural disasters, LANXESS has continuously contributed towards the development of the communities where it operates. 

During COVID-19 pandemic, LANXESS donated advanced German ventilators to hospitals in Thane & Mumbai (Maharashtra), Ujjain (Madhya Pradesh) and Ankleshwar & Bharuch (Gujarat). To help medical institutions tackle the situation better, the organization also donated 1 tonne of disinfectant, Rely+On™ Virkon™ which was highly effective in containing the spread of the virus and face masks among other relief materials. 

Commenting on the development of its CSR projects, Namitesh Roy Choudhury, Vice-Chairman & Managing Director at LANXESS India said, “LANXESS remains dedicated to its mission of creating value for society and fostering sustainable development in the communities it serves. Our CSR initiatives are a testament to our commitment to supporting communities in need and contributing to their long-term well-being. We will continue to work closely with local authorities and like-minded organizations and provide support to the community and nearby areas of Jhagadia region in the future”.


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