mastertrust: Building social capital in a post-pandemic work environment

Palka Arora Chopra

With the aim of enhancing the overall employee growth, eliminating ingenuity in the work environment, and handling the dynamics of a Financial Services Organization, the HR Team has been working efficiently and effectively.

New Delhi: The COVID-19 Pandemic has reformed the way through which organizations approach employee enrollment, recruitment, and retention. Practically after over a year of soaring unemployment rates, the number of employment opportunities has increased in India. 

During these hard times, One of India’s Leading, Diversified Financial Services conglomerates, mastertrust focused on adapting a parallel approach and has been keen on providing a comfortable work environment to all its employees. The pandemic took away a number of jobs and those were difficult times for every individual to earn their livelihood. mastertrust with 37 years of operational experience adopted the ‘Zero Lay-Off Policy’ wherein the focus was to support and safeguard their employees and their families. 

The HR Team played a major role wherein they used to connect with employees and provided them with solutions to cope with the changing times. 

mastertrust comes with a diverse set of employees of different castes, religions, gender, age, beliefs, and expressions, all of them together as a team contribute to the smooth functioning of the organization. The company highlighted a positive sentiment in the Indian job market with a total estimate of 637 employees and still counting this post-pandemic year.

In 2021, mastertrust nurtured a dedicated faculty of, over 500 employees with zero staff layoff. They focused on prioritizing the well-being of their existing employees along with their work ethic by organizing yoga sessions, and doctors’ webinars, conducting vaccination drives, gave insurance policies and advanced paychecks catering to every employer’s financial needs, during the lockdown. 

Envisioning a post-pandemic positive hiring sentiment, mastertrust is utilizing real-time recruitment tools – an array of job portals, extensive placement consultants, holistic employee referral programs, digital headhunts, proactive connections, and direct approaches.

“With the Indian economy growing at a steady pace, the job market is also seeing a consistent uptick in hiring activity across the country. We, at mastertrust, strike a balance between hiring raw sales talent along with retaining dedicated employees across verticals and experience bands” says Palka Arora Chopra, Senior Vice President, mastertrust.

“With the financial ecosystem taking a progressive turn, with more organizations projecting the intent to increase their hirings, our female-centric HR team plays a crucial role in ensuring a holistic recruitment and an extensive pathway for every communication – periodical employees reviews and assessments, the much deserved-appraisals and company growth keeps our employees motivated to grow professionally and personally” she stated. 

Palka mentioned, “In mastertrust, we have emphasized both purposes and belonging because they must go hand in hand. In our organization, we want people to feel like everything they do matters; we want our employees to feel a shared sense of purpose as well as satisfaction in their own purpose. We refer to it as solidarity.”

The forthcoming quarter brings good tidings for ‘social recruiters,’ a strategy that is taking shape at the financial services company. Taking a holistic brand value approach, mastertrust encourages targeting millennials and Gen Z as prospective employees, garnering potential raw talent, advertising the scope of jobs, and open communications with potential talent. 

About mastertrust: mastertrust is one of the leading financial organizations with an experience of more than 37 years, it provides a broad range of financial products and services to individuals and corporations. With a vision to be a well-diversified financial provider for wealth creation and an ideal service provider in the business. mastertrust has built a unified platform that caters to all kinds of investment needs. The company offers investors the best user interface and experience nationwide and has grown to an advanced level by providing an online presence of its products and services to its target audiences. 



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