Panel Discussion On “Success Mantra for Managers” organized by Paari School of Business

Panel Discussion On “Success Mantra for Managers “organized by Paari School of Business

Paari School of Business, the management precinct of SRM University-AP, hosted a dynamic panel discussion titled “Success Mantras for Managers” with experienced entrepreneurs and industry experts. The four-member panel consisted of industry stalwarts from various fields of management and the keynote speaker, Mr Mukesh Jain, who is the CTO, VP & Global Head of People Analytics.

During the event, Prof. Bharadhwaj Sivakumaran, the Dean of the Paari School of Business, explained the purpose and significance of the event. He highlighted that the panelists had gained practical experience by failing and bouncing back, as well as observing and learning from people throughout their careers, and could provide insights on what it takes to succeed in the corporate world. Mr Mukesh Jain, the keynote speaker, shared his wisdom and motivation during the event. He stated, “the key skill one needs to possess as an entrepreneur is to have a good understanding of how things work”.

The panel discussion that followed Mr Jain’s speech was moderated by Mr Sidharth Shankar Tripathy, a Harvard alumnus and the present Director of Entrepreneurship and Innovation at SRM University-AP. The discussion was insightful and inspiring as Mr Tripathy posed thought-provoking questions to the panel members.

Mr Tripathy started the discussion with a stimulating idea, stating that a mantra is a successful formula that has the power to transform. He questioned the panel members about the criticality of the idea of corporate athleticism and received an astounding response from Mr Nayanjyoti Goswami, Managing Director, Finance Operations & Strategy, State Street, who stated that it is often less about degrees and more about one’s attitude to work.

Mr Satish Rajarathnam, Head of People & Administration, RCG Global Services emphasised the need for collaboration and networking as a leader. He also highlighted the importance of functional knowledge, communication, networking and marketing skills. Ms Jyothsana Kuchimanchi, Senior Director- United Health Group, explained that change is an integral part of a manager’s life, and a manager should always be ready to adapt and upskill oneself to cope with changes. 

Mr Anandan Jayaraman,  COO FCC, Society Generale Global Solution Centre discussed the need for a manager to empathise with the customer and team members by putting himself in their shoes. The dynamic members of the panel cited the importance of self-learning and self-training, which can motivate team members, suggesting that a leader is a reader and should always update and upskill himself.

The panel discussion was an absolute game-changer. The insights shared by the speakers were incredibly valuable and contributed to the student’s understanding of what it takes to be a successful manager. 


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