Techzex Software: A Collaborative Force in IT Solutions and Training

Techzex Software A Collaborative Force in IT Solutions and Training

Bhubaneswar (Odisha), February 17, 2024: Techzex Software Private Limited, formed by merging three prominent IT companies—Techlab World, Swarna Techlab, and Ifotechsys—has become a significant player in the thriving Odisha tech scene. Founded in April 2023, the company draws on the collective experience and knowledge of its previous organisations to create a legacy far beyond its founding date.

Leading the charge is Raj Kishore Panda, the company’s visionary CEO and a self-made entrepreneur with an impressive academic background and a proven track record of success. His commitment to education extends above the walls of the business; as a guest speaker and instructor, he actively conveys his knowledge to learners. Under his leadership, Techzex has delivered over 1,000 successful projects for a diverse clientele of 700 active clients, including government entities like the Odisha Government and industry giants like Tata Tea and Tata Steel.

Techzex is committed to empowering the upcoming generation of tech experts and providing top-notch solutions. Its industry-level training programs have equipped over 1,000 students with the skills they need to secure promising careers, with over 100 successful placements to their credit.

Techzex Software offers a comprehensive range of solutions, including:

  • Website development
  • Application design
  • Software development
  • Digital Marketing
  • Industry-level training programs

Techzex Software stands out for:

  • Comprehensive services: From websites and applications to software development and digital marketing, it offers a one-stop solution for all tech needs.
  • Proven track record: Over 1,000 successful projects and a diverse clientele speak volumes about Techzex Software’s expertise and reliability.
  • Commitment to education: Empowering students with industry-relevant skills through its training programs, fostering the next generation of tech talent.
  • Client focus: Building long-lasting relationships with clients across various sectors, delivering high-quality solutions that meet their needs.

Meet the team behind Techzex

  • Raj Kishore Panda, CEO: A seasoned entrepreneur and educator passionate about technology and innovation. His academic background and industry experience position him as a visionary leader.
  • Altab Raja, CTO: A skilled full-stack web developer with a strong foundation in engineering principles, ensuring the company’s technological advancements.
  • Jayprakash Mohanty, CMO: A marketing veteran with over 15 years of experience crafting and executing strategies that drive brand awareness and growth.

About Techzex Software Private Limited

Techzex Software is a rising star in India’s IT scene. Led by the passionate Raj Kishore Panda, it offers website development, app design, software solutions, and digital marketing, serving over 700 clients, including government entities and industry giants. Its commitment extends beyond services, with training programs empowering over 1000 students and securing over 100 placements. This collaborative force, driven by innovation and talent development, is poised for continued success.

For more information, please visit: Techzex Software Private Limited


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